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Dunwear Ponds

This complex consists of 4 separate clay pits known as Railway, Senior, North, and South. Each of these has a very unique identity of their own. Access is via Dunwear Lane, and there is a large purpose built Car Park located there.

The Largest Lake is Senior with a total size of 28 acres, although the layout of the Lake is very deceptive due to many reed beds and "hidden" bays. The Lake bed itself is varied, with deeper channels and a great many shallow bars, and it would be wise to check the depth you are fishing as it might well be not what you think!

There are many features to attract and hold fish, such as Reeds, Lillie’s, and several large patches of Potemegon.

There is a varied stock within Senior including a few much coveted large Carp, these are really wily old warriors!

If its Bream you are after, then Senior really is the place to be, one recent catch was 176lb of high quality Bream.


All the other species you would expect to find inhabit this venue.


This is at the far end of the complex and gets it name from the Railway Line running adjacent to the far bank.

This is a quite shallow pond due to the amount of silt that runs into it from Senior, there are reed beds at one end, and the railway bank itself has a lot of wild vegetation growing down into the water making inviting areas to fish into.

The stock in Railway is a little more uncertain as this water is the least fished of the four, but it is known to contain some sizeable Carp.


The Smallest pond on the complex with many reeds and hanging vegetation, one end is out of bounds as private properties back onto the waters edge, please be aware of this as well as the hanging power cables.

Plenty of Carp and other species to try for in here, fish are not always easy to catch as there are a lot of reeds for them to hide in, as well as the out of bounds areas.


This is a really prolific fishery, and could be said to be a "runs" water for the Carp angler. Plenty of decent Carp up into the twenty pound plus bracket, as well as some good Tench to be had

This is an ideal starter water for the novice as well as providing good sport for the more experienced angler.


In general Dunwear is a great complex with plenty to offer anglers of all ages and abilities. Please be aware that there is a general footpath running through the complex, so dog walkers are a feature on Railway and Senior, they are however not on the other two ponds as Dogs are not allowed in. There is No Toilet present on the complex, nor is there any water supply, night fishing is allowed on all 4 ponds, and those wishing to stay will need to make suitable arrangements. 

No Litter or Rubbish is to be left in any swim, under any circumstance. Many problems from the past have been dealt with, and there is a very strong Bailiff presence on the complex to ensure they do not occur again.


Access is via Dunwear Lane which is a right turn immediately before the motorway bridge on the Westonzoyland Road out of Bridgwater. Dunwear Lane runs parallel to the M5 and the car park is about 404 yards from the main road on the right hand side. This is the ONLY access point for these lakes. Fishing is not available behind the domestic properties on the north bank of the Senior (large) Lake.  See Rule 8.

Species; Roach, Rudd, Bream, Tench, and Perch, but good Carp are probably the main attraction. Height Restrictions 1.9m to car park. 


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