Bridgwater Angling Association

Established Since 1905

Rules 2016/17


Any amendment to these rules must be approved by the next Annual General

Meeting of the Company following the temporary amendment. Notice of Motion regarding any amendment or addition to the Company's rules shall be furnished in writing to the Minute Secretary 14 days before the holding of the A.G.M.


1.    The Council of Management shall have the authority to expel a Member whose conduct it considers to be injurious to the Company, but before taking such action must inquire into the member's conduct. The Member will be given reasonable opportunity of defending himself in writing or appealing before the Council. Any member or Bailiff of the Company on production of their permit/warrant may demand to examine the right to fish documents of any person found fishing in Company owned or rented waters. Permits to fish waters controlled by the BAA Limited must be purchased in advance and are not transferable. Any person not able to produce documentary evidence of their right to fish the aforementioned waters will be asked to leave the water immediately and BAA Limited reserve the right to prosecute. If the same person is found using BAA Limited controlled waters in the future without the proper documentation they will forfeit their right to apply for membership for a period of 12 months. BAA Limited shall deem that person a trespasser.


2.    The payment of a subscription to fish in Company controlled waters shall be deemed a contract to abide by the Rules of the Company as in force at that time.


3.    Contravention of any of the rules may result in a Council of Management hearing which could remove the Member's right to fish for whatever period the Council of Management may decide.


4.    All persons intending to fish must also be in possession of a current licence issued by the Environmental Agency.


5.    Members are required to produce their (Permit/Ticket) when requested to do so by the Keepers, Officers, Servants or any other member of the association. Failure to do so will result in that person being asked to leave the waters immediately.


6.    Any person intending to fish a swim must clear all litter in the immediate area before fishing and any person found fishing at a spot containing litter shall be held responsible for same.


7.    Night Fishing is only allowed with a Night Fishing Permit. Junior Members are not allowed to fish during the period from one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise, unless accompanied by an adult with a Night Fishing Permit. (Excludes Walrow Ponds).


8.    Junior Members are only permitted to fish the Huntspill River, South Drain, North Drain, Dunwear Large Pond or Screech Owl Ponds if accompanied by an adult, who shall be responsible in the event of any accident or emergency involving the Junior Member, and for his/her behaviour on the bank.


9.    The Adult responsible for a Junior in Rules 2 and 3 must be within 30 metres of the Junior at all times.


10. Fishing is not allowed during the annual close season from March 15th to June 15th, both dates inclusive with the exception of Newtown Lock Bridgwater Canal to Maunsell Lock, Dunwear, Combwich and Walrow Ponds where fishing is permitted.


11. The closed season for pike fishing with dead bait on Company Waters is March 15th to September 30th, both dates inclusive. The use of artificial lures is permitted providing that all lures are fitted with barbless hooks. (see Rules 10).


12. The use of treble hooks is only permitted when fishing for Pike or Perch.


13. With the exception of Pike, Carp and Trout all fish may be retained in a keep net during period of fishing and returned to the water prior to leaving the bank, except during a Bona Fide Competition when all fish except Trout may be kept. Carp must not be kept in a Carp Sack.


14. The use of Carp Sacks is prohibited on any Company controlled waters.


15. No fish must be removed permanently from any water unless there is risk of disease from that fish. Fish must not be transferred from one water to a different water.


16. The possession of Gaffs is prohibited. Gaffs must not be used.


17. Members must not fish from swims reserved for a competition.


18. Member's dogs are not permitted in Screech Owl, Combwich or Walrow Ponds on any Association Business such as bailiffing or a work party unless prior consent has been given by either the Chairman or Head Bailiff. All other Company waters are dog permitted.


19. Members are not allowed to bring or use guns or any other offensive weapons on land owned or controlled by the company. All members must report any incident involving such to a bailiff, the police or a council member immediately. Failure to do so will be construed as aiding and abetting in the offence. Please Note: In certain circumstances council organised shooting parties may be organised for vermin control resulting in the waters being temporarily closed for safety reasons.


20. The possession of person carrying boats is forbidden on all Company controlled waters. With the exception of the Bridgwater - Taunton Canal where British Waterways Board licensed boats are permitted. However NO fishing is allowed from the boats.


21. Bathing is forbidden on all Company controlled waters.


22. Members must not cause damage to the banks of any Company owned or controlled waters and must not cause damage to any other land, building, fence, hedge, crop, gate or any other structure belonging to or in the control of the Company or any third party landowner on or adjoining the banks of such owned or controlled waters, and must pay full compensation for any damage caused.


23. Camping or lighting of fires on any land controlled by the Company is not permitted.


24. Coaches, cars or motor cycles must not be parked on Environmental Agency property except in the car parks provided, nor in a manner likely to cause inconvenience to other road users or land owners.


25. Fishing is not permitted within 30 metres in any direction of any overhead power cables.


26. Fishing is only allowed by fair rod and line.


27. A maximum of four rods are permitted on the purchase of the appropriate B.A.A Ltd permit and Environment Agency Rod Licence.


28. Members are not allowed to fish from any property not owned or leased by the Company. Including British Waterways Board licensed boats on the Bridgwater - Taunton Canal.


29. Members are requested not to fish directly outside any residence along the towpath of the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal. Fishing is only permitted on the towpath side of the Canal. Fishing is not permitted within 25 metres of the approaches to a lock, moveable bridge, from landing stages or dock pontoons or British Waterways Board licensed boats.


30. Any member or group of members MUST NOT obstruct any other swim than the one they are fishing.


31. Fishing on North Drain, South Drain, Bridgwater and Taunton Canal and Screech Owl Ponds is restricted to the period one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset.


32. The use of chest waders on any water is forbidden.


33. No swim is to be constructed without prior written approval of the Council of Management.


34. There must be no prebaiting of swims prior to June 16th.


35. No keepnet is to be used which is less than 8ft long or with a diameter less than 18 inches.


36. Bait coloured with aniline dyes is prohibited.


37. Anglers are not permitted on the banks at Walrow Ponds between the hours

10.30 pm and 5.30 am, unless having purchased a night fishing permit. These tickets are available from Veals Fishing Tackle, Church Street, Highbridge. Tel 01278 786934. Full Adult Permit Holders Only.


38. No Member is permitted to take a motor vehicle over the level crossing at Screech Owl Ponds known as Meads Crossing. See Guide to Waters 2.


39. No angler is to leave their rod unattended with a baited hook in the water at any time.


40. No angler is permitted to take tins or glass of any type onto the bank of any Company controlled water.


41. No fishing is allowed within 20ft of the rear boundary fences of the properties on the north bank of Combwich between the hours one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise.


42. The use of Bloodworm and Joker as a bait or groundbait is not permitted on any Company controlled water.


43. The use of live fish as hookbait is prohibited on all Company controlled waters.


44. All anglers fishing for carp and pike on Company Waters must use line of not less than 10lbs B.S; must be in possession of an unhooking mat, and must be in possession of a landing net of not less than 36 inch arm length for a triangular net, or an equivalent size round net.


45. All anglers fishing for pike on Company Waters must use a wire trace of not less than 18 inches in length for deadbaiting and 12 inches if using lures. They must also be in possession of a pair of forceps of not less than 8 inches in length, an unhooking mat and triangular net.


46. Gag or mechanical jaw spreaders are strictly prohibited. An unhooking Mat minimum size 36" x 24" is required


47. All gates at Combwich are to be kept shut and locked at all times.


48. No Bikes (Motor or Cycle) are to be ridden on Company Owned or Controlled Waters.


49. No threatening or acts of violence to anyone on Company Owned or Controlled waters.


50. Any sort of equipment left unattended in a swim for more than two hours shall be removed by the Council of Management without notification or payment of compensation for same. Lost property will be taken to the police.


Where no rule exists and a decision is required the Council of Management will make the ruling which will be ratified at the next AGM.


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